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Cutting the cost of commercial leases

Rent Review Expert helps a huge variety of businesses throughout the UK to cut the cost of the commercial property they use.

If your business rents office, retail, food and drink, leisure, warehouse, industrial or any other commercial property space, could save you money. For a London rent review, Middlesex rent review, Berkshire rent review, Surrey rent review, or a rent review in any part of the UK, contact us today.

What are rent reviews?

Rent reviews are regular contractual agreements between a tenant and their landlord over the rent that is payable for the property they use under the terms of their lease. The rent review process is written into the terms of the lease agreement and if the tenant does not seek professional rent review advice – as many do not – their rent review is likely to be in their landlord's favour, leaving the tenant paying too much rent year after year.

When do rent review negotiations take place?

Rent review negotiations typically happen on a regular cycle throughout the term of the lease – perhaps every three or five years. Most commercial leases include an 'upward only' provision, meaning that even if rental values are lower, your rent cannot decrease. However, this does not mean you cannot save money. Every rent review process is an opportunity for you to cut costs – an opportunity that you can now take full advantage of with Rent Review Expert.

Why get rent review advice?

Rent review advice from carries no risk and can save you a lot of money – not only this year but for the duration of the leases on any commercial property that is rented by your business. If we can't save you money, you pay us nothing.

What influences rent reviews?

Rent reviews are influenced by innumerable factors, some of the most important of which are:

  • The terms of your lease
  • The location of your property
  • The size and configuration of your property
  • The specification of your property
  • The use of your property.

Gaining a fair, competitive rental rate takes a professional and current knowledge of commercial property valuation, the commercial property market, commercial lease agreements, case law, rent review negotiations and arbitration. Through, you can have all of this expertise behind you for your next rent review, ensuring that you:

  • Know the correct market value of your leased commercial property at the time of your rent review
  • Fully understand the details of your commercial lease agreement and its rent review clauses
  • Enter your rent review negotiations on an equal footing with your landlord
  • Avoid paying too much rent on any commercial property you lease.

Rent review arbitration

Rent Review Expert can also handle any rent reviews that go to arbitration in the event that an agreement with the landlord cannot be reached. From our years of experience in dealing with rent reviews and our extensive knowledge of the legislation and relevant case law, we have a long track record of securing a successful outcome should a rent review have to go to arbitration. With Rent Review Expert, you can enter all your rent review negotiations with confidence.

Find out more about Rent Review Expert

Getting rent review advice from Rent Review Expert will either save you money or cost you nothing. To find out how this has helped our clients, read a selection of our case studies below:

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